Hi. I'm Piotr.

Please take a look around.

Who am I?
What do I do?

I'm a seasoned software developer who's opened to new challenges.

Programming is my professions and passion. I build, develop and sometimes fix applications. Always punctual and tailored to your needs.

I’ve been working mostly in PHP language, especially Symfony and Laravel. I’ve also written projects using Vue.js.

Contact me: piotr@g1net.pl

How do I work?

Software developer

I’m an experienced software engineer with great analitical skills of critical thinking and problem solving and huge attention to details. I’m focused on writing high quality code.

Team player

I’m willing to share my knowledge with the other members of the team. As a mentor I help my colleagues find the best path of development. I often organise trainings for my coworkers.

Open minded

I’m always hungry for new knowledge and excited about new technologies. I don’t stick to one technology, but seek for the best solution for my current project.

  • 13
    of experience
  • 40+
  • thousands
    of problems
  • countless
    of code

What can I do?

I’ve started my programming adventure with PHP language. Since then I’ve written a lot of project in different technologies. Below you can see some of technologies I use on a daily basis to get things built.

  • PHP 5/7

  • Symfony

  • Laravel

  • PhpSpec

  • Behat

  • JavaScript


  • node.js

  • HTML

  • Docker/Docker compose

  • RabbitMQ

  • Redis


  • CQRS


  • BDD

  • TDD

  • BitBucket pipelines

  • Scrum